Office Shenanigans



Here at CMS we all have backgrounds in art and love to create with our hands, but most of our work gets done on computers (even the illustrations). Today, however, we are abandoning the computer (well, not totally, I’m still checking e-mails and working on some other projects FEAR NOT!) and doing some illustration work with pastels. Our philosophy is: if you want it to look hand drawn, draw it by hand. There is just something organic about putting pen (or chalk, pencil, paint) to paper that you can’t duplicate with a computer.


Josh (our web guy) is sort of like the Wizard of Oz around the office. He’s not seen very much, but he makes lots of cool stuff happen. He’s the newest member of the team, but he’s already figured out how to get what he needs around here. That’s him in the office  as Darth Vader using the force to get Patrick to give him the wireless internet password!


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