Mele Kalikimaka

OUR Sleigh-full of hours promo is back for the summer!

Get it now — your 4th quarter marketing budget will thank you!

Up to 30% off hours

Apply the hours to any project or invoice.

This offer ends on AUGUST 31, 2023

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20 Hours

In stock
Product Details
2023 Price Holiday Price Discount Savings
12 Hours $1300 $1104 20% $276
20 Hours $2300 $1725 25% $575
35 Hours $4025 $2817.50 30% $1207.50
62 Hours $7130 4634.50 35% $2495

Hours are valid for 12 months.

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Conditions of the Sleigh-full of hours promotion

  • Payment must made in advance
  • All Sleigh-full of hours have a validity period, once that period passed the hours left are lost
  • Bucket of time will not cover travel, printing, 3rd party product purchases and/or software purchase of any kind. These packages are designed for labor only.
  • CMS tracks meeting time and phone time, so please make sure to estimate the time you need properly based on your specific communication needs. CMS works on a time & material basis, any quotes and/or estimates will be subject to actual time spent and billed accordingly.
  • Sleighs-full of hours may be used by retainer clients to add time to their retainer packages per month.
  • Multiple Sleighs-full of hours may be purchased.


A Sleigh-full of hours gives you and your project great flexibility allowing your inspiration to help drive it.

Rush Fees

Rush fees may be paid for with hours from the Sleigh-full of hours. The following rates will be used.

  • 3-4 business days 2-time upgrade (1 hour spent = 2 hours charged)
  • 2 business day 3-time upgrade (1 hour spent = 3 hours charged)


Payments can be made by ACH draft or via credit card at agreement acceptance. Creative Man Studio estimates and tracks all used hours and will report updates notifying of account balances upon request.